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10 Years Later – I Overcome

Ten Years Later – I Overcome

10 years ago today I was shot 8 times on the battlefields of Iraq
10 years ago – I was disfigured and wondered if I would ever be human again
10 years ago – I was told they needed to amputate my arm
8 years ago – I was told I would never bend my arm again
7 years ago – I was told I would never lift more than 20 pounds with my bad arm
6 years ago – I was told I would never operate as a Navy SEAL again
4 years ago I retired from the Navy looking for my new purpose
3 years ago – I wasn’t sleeping, wasn’t working out and I was drinking way too much.
2 years ago – a doctor told me if I didn’t make major changes in my life I would be dead within the next few years of a heart attack…….

2 years ago I made a choice to do again what I have always done in my past.

I Overcome

I once again committed to reforge myself into my new 100%

I pledged to once again begin leading myself to success and helping others find theirs.

So today on this 10 year anniversary; my 10th Rebirthday. I challenge you to join the Overcome Army. Be someone who no longer makes excuses for why you haven’t achieved that life goal, that personal goal, that business goal.

I am launching a new “I Overcome” line for those who want to display their Overcome Mindset to the world. A proclamation that I will no longer settle for “just OK…” That I will no longer sit back and allow adversity to beat me down. I Overcome.

Get your I Overcome T-shirt here and become a member of the Overcome Army.

Additionally, I am launching a new online show – The JR Overcome Show on my YouTube channel. It will be dedicated to leadership and overcoming adversity. Practical knowledge and topics to help you lead yourself to success.

Everyone I have ever met who has not accomplished their goals, big or small, has an excuse.

What’s your excuse?

The only thing stopping anyone in this life from achieving greatness and success………………………Is You.

Start your Reforging Today

I Overcome.

For those who realize excuses no longer matter

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