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Leap of Faith – building the Overcome Mindset

Leap of Faith – Building the Overcome Mindset

Last Saturday we held our tenth Jumping for a Purpose event. An event that takes slightly banged up individuals and throws them out of perfectly good airplanes. It is an amazing event full of fun, camaraderie, anxiety, a dose of fear and massive exhilaration at jumping and landing safely.

People always ask me, “Why skydiving? I would never jump out of an airplane.” And I tell them there is a very simple reason I like to use skydiving as a tool to help people. Jumping out of an airplane is one of the more extreme things most people will ever do. People are scared of heights, people are scared of airplanes, people are scared of giving up control and they have to do all of these things in order to jump. They have to confront fear head on and allow themselves into a truly uncomfortable place. They think about the fear of jumping and they think about the fear of dying.

The reality is skydiving is statistically safer than driving in your car. You have a higher likelihood of dying in a car accident than skydiving with a reputable licensed skydive facility. And that is why I love it as a tool to build the Overcome Mindset. Those who know me know I speak often about the Overcome Mindset. Overcome – a simple word that says I will never let adversity defeat me. I tell our wounded warriors who jump, it is not about jumping out of that plane. It is about taking that leap of faith and knowing you are still alive. That you can still do great things. That you can overcome fear of the unknown, fear of your injuries both physical and invisible and drive forward to success. So many things in life are no different that jumping out of a plane.

People refuse to do things because they are afraid. They are afraid of change, they are afraid of what their friends or enemies may say or think, they are afraid of rejection. The list could go on forever. But it is those who are willing to confront that fear; who are willing to take the risk and step off that proverbial life ramp at 13000 feet that know unequivocally they can overcome. That is why we do Jumping for a Purpose. That is why the jump is incorporated into the Overcome Academy as the final exercise. In order to find success in life, you must push yourself out of your comfort zone because true growth only occurs in that zone. So that means, allowing yourself to be afraid, rejected, a failure. Through these things we get stronger, better and able to withstand the hardships that life throws at us and lead ourselves to success.

SO I recommend to everyone – Go jump out of a plane! Just once! If you want to get out of your comfort zone, if you want to build an Overcome Mindset, do those things that push you to the edge. And when you get there, take that leap of faith.

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